A church Une église real time post

A church  Une église   real time post

Felton church 28 february 2013

Aujourd’hui photos on the blog

Home from school


A glorious day and it’s time to head home from school. FujiX100. 2012 I rarely produce colour.  Here they’re not true but I find they fit the bill.

Wansbeck District Northumberland UK

Wansbeck District Northumberland UK

I wish it was summer but it’s not! Fujix100 . I don’t live there . It was about as hot as it gets for April, it felt good and of course some men were keen to show off. Not very fond of cameras this lot.

Fleurs et fesses, fesses fleuries ?


As you’ve guessed by now my posts so far aren’t in real time, they’re in my time. Taken a few years back in France.

La Piscine The Pool Paris

A hot summer morning in Paris mid 90s


The Bride La Mariée Paris

My good friend My….she made the hat !  Ma copine My…elle a fait le chapeau !Image

Paris late 80s TTri-X Pan roll film

Demonstration La Manif Paris 2002

J’y étais    I was there





Sun , the branch and the concrete.

Sun , the branch and the concrete.

Tokyo 1990 Tri-X Pan  Tokyo Japan 1990

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