Home from school


A glorious day and it’s time to head home from school. FujiX100. 2012 I rarely produce colour.  Here they’re not true but I find they fit the bill.


  1. very classic i really love it. nice work x100. of course your technique is excellent !

  2. I’m totally new to the Fuji x100 and stumbling my way through it’s abilities… Is this post shoot colour adjustment or in camera mode? Thanks! Great photos btw 🙂

    • Post shoot colour …a simple preset in Light Room. I usually don’t go there but I felt it adequate for this image. A word of caution with the X100, keep the dynamic range setting at 100 if shooting RAW ..otherwise you’ll get 1 stop underexposed shots at the setting of 200 and 2 stops under at 400! Thanks for the interest and kind words. Regards Christophe

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