Brussels La Grand-Place

black and white urban photography of Brussels by Christophe Chevaugeon frogfoto


When I visit somewhere, of course I see the sights but never waste time trying to capture postcard views. Here I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this event that I hadn’t a clue about. I found  the characters in the car a bit frightening if I am honest but as it was a very public event I felt entitled to capture a different view of La Grand-Place event though it meant getting up close and personal with a very large size camera.


While I am at it , please check out  Sander de Wilde’s work at Dutch photographer based in Brussels : explore his excellent personal work; lots to see and be moved by. I know I am.

Brussels Skate Boarder: Zero



Street photography, sometimes it is simply the beauty of someone passing by you, the mood, the colours bouncing off each other, sun and shadows, buildings… There’s something about Brussels that I find refreshingly vibrant although I’ve only passed through it a couple of times.

Paris Plage Dancing in the Streets

Paris Plage Dancing in the Streets

A thought about street photography. This vue is from above and of an event- Paris Plage-which made it fairly easy to capture. For me , a street photograph holds together when it reveals something going on. In this particular scene what I love is the variety of attitudes, be it of the dancers, the observers and the strollers.

Paris Plage 2010

Digital manipulation cheating ?

Just read on a blog that digital manipulation was cheating. It’s a one of these statements passed for a profound truth that crops all the time in the analogue versus digital debate. The fact that it still crops up does surprise me as  I feel this debate is well past its sell by date. Nevertheless, since it is a preoccupation, the following is my view.

 Photography either analogue or digital is all about manipulation. Choosing subject, angle,time of the day, to add or remove light  , shutter speed, f stop lenses,filters, film, processing,enlarging and types of enlarging lights,type of paper along with cropping, burning, dodging , toning and spotting are all manipulations that have to be carried out for an analogue photography to exist. A similar list could be made for digital.

In essence, a photograph is nothing but the result of a series of manipulations and this has always been the case since its invention. The techniques of manipulation have continuously evolved; to uphold that most recent options are cheats compared to past ones is to make a statement that doesn’t bear scrutiny. 

Photography has never told the truth, at best it tells someone’s truth.

  Christophe Chevaugeon




Trees at Dusk Northumberland

Trees at Dusk Northumberland 3

In the setting sun

pond Doxford Hall


Pond Doxford Hall Northumberland fujiX100  a little landscape of sorts

Leeds It’s a Wonderful World

Leeds It's a Wonderful World

I like the hand on the wheel, the street cleaner in the back, the signs of all sorts, there’s even the trail of a plane in the sky…

Leeds May 2012 fuji x100

Up till now Jusqu’ici J’aime

Auto-Portrait in Paris

Auto-Portrait in Paris

Auto-portrait in Paris- summer 2012

Vicky in Northumberland

outdoor portrait northumberland uk


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