Brussels Skate Boarder: Zero



Street photography, sometimes it is simply the beauty of someone passing by you, the mood, the colours bouncing off each other, sun and shadows, buildings… There’s something about Brussels that I find refreshingly vibrant although I’ve only passed through it a couple of times.


  1. Every time when the sun is out in Brussels, the city just seems so much nicer. But when the sun is away, it can sometimes feel rather drab and grey!

    • I moved to the North of the Uk from Paris about 8 years ago and ‘grey’ has taken on a new meaning for me! I was fortunate to be in Brussels on what was an exceptionally hot day by normal standards and there was a definitive buzz in the air .

      • Oh, I can only imagine the new levels of ‘grey’ in the north of the UK! I don’t think that I’ll want to go any further north of Brussels – the cold and short daylight hours here is about just as much as I could bear over an extended period. After all, I lived most of my life on the equator (I’m from Singapore)! Anyway, Spring has certainly arrived now. Il faut profiter du beau temps! : )

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