Dear Gigibutton

Looking at your work-that is not for all eyes and wouldn’t be shown in all parts of today’s world-I see love, friendship, sisterhood , freedom, wildness, tenderness, a love for the good things in life ( like lovemaking ,sunshine and fashion), a taste for the eccentric, a dose of provocation, an opposition of women and men , a refusal to submit to norms and a celebration of femininity.

I’ve never been attracted to nudes, a respectable genre but just not my thing; and as  for  self-obsessed  self-portraits -sadly trendy- that some might find interesting, I just can’t bear them.

Normally your work that combines self portraiture and nakedness, even using your  refreshingly understated approach to composition , lighting and colour, would be my idea of contemporary photographic hell ! So why do I feel in some kind of photographic heaven when I browse through your photographs ?

You do portray yourself and people that matter to you, often in poses that reveal more than many men and women are probably comfortable with, but I feel included and invited to reflect on my own humanity and better still, invited to join in and enjoy what there is to enjoy.

At a glance your photographs could be just about you, your sisterhood and your men ( your son and that smartly dressed guy jumping ) but I strongly feel your photographs are about us-all of us.

I can only encourage people who love photography to look at your work :

I wish you all the very best.


Comments welcomed

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