From a boat tour around the Farnes…classic black and white


  1. a city of birds!

  2. Not sure why, but this reminds me of one of Rauchenberg’s “Combines.” Now, I’m going to have to go look at his work again.
    The square format really works with the angular content of the photo.

  3. yes almost symmetrical if you fold along the middle horizontally .I use to have a roll film camera that gave me a taste for the square format : I see many photographs that I feel would be strengthened ( if not saved ) by cropping . In this case too much sky or water would have diluted the impact.It would further help this image to be viewed at a bigger size than the blog allows. I am looking into a work around.
    I understand these rocks are the result of volcanic activity.
    Thanks for pointing to Rauchenberg’s work, my initial gut reaction is to like it ! I also imagine the nightmare it represents for collectors to preserve this type of work , and yours, through time . Maybe in the future when all the materials that these sculptures are made off have turned to dust, people will be able to experience them as holograms ?

  4. just to add that I realise how daft my view on the lack of use of the square format might appear in the light of Instagram where it is the only format available !

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