Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

A real world photo : where it isn’t about making it pretty or ugly, where it’s just about making a viable photographic record.
Gosforth, a suburb of Newcastle UK

Perfect Little Worlds : houses

Perfect Little Worlds

All pictures were captured in a few feet and a few minutes to each other on a lovely sunny day in Alnwick , Northumberland UK.  Looking at things in a new way under the influence I suppose of …you know who you are.

The -almost-Naked Truth: Wooler Boys Calendar Shoot

My first commission of sorts a few years ago in beautiful Northumberland. Three of my favourites from the calendar:  men baring all to raise money for the local air ambulance…

Even trees can have their 15 minutes of fame …

M dans le vent

M dans le vent

Somewhere near Orléans, France a few summers ago…

Une fois n’est pas coutume: moi / me

Une fois n'est pas coutume: moi / me

Northumberland field , summer , with a -powerful-ring flash. I can look like this…

I love you J

I love you J

Dorset, portrait of J, classic black and white fuji x100



Classic black and white with the fuji x100

A lazy day

A lazy day

Dorset a few years back fuji x100

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