Andrew Lobb Composer Interpretor : Border Lines Album Design

Album Photography and Design of Cd by Christophe Chevaugeon

My good neighbour and friend Andrew Lobb commissioned me to take photos to illustrate  his album “Border Lines”. With the exception of the first portrait I took of Andrew a few years ago, in an afternoon in Northumberland we managed to get some photos of Andrew along the coast and then in the hills. He then commissioned me to design the actual album with the support of his wife Charlotte.

It’s always going to be a challenge to capture the spirit of a musician and of the vibe of an entire album. Both Andrew and I were happy with the result. I did stray from my usual approach to editing to meet the brief.

Here’s what Andrew has to say about this particular album.

“Border Lines is my latest CD, which I brought out in the summer of 2012. The songs are a reflection of Northern Heritage – a contemporary take on the past, and some of the people who lived and worked through those hard times.”

To find out more about Andrew and his music, go to his site at


  1. To shoot for someone’s music has got to be both a monumental challenge and a colossal honour.

    • You’re right . Andrew’s album being about the the life of local people made it “easier” so to speak…coast and hills never more than minutes away. Then it’s about the images and the processing and thinking they have to work on fairly small format…thanks Allan

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