My J around Malham Cove an eternity ago

My J  around Malham Cove an eternity ago

Walking back from a stroll around Malham Cove.

I’d forgotten the aim of this blog: to share photos that matter to me and offer now and again a word about photography and photographers; I was so busy thinking about where to go next with (my ) photography that I couldn’t bring myself to post.
Yes, I am for the first time in my life thinking of going beyond being a little Jacques Henri-Lartigue photographer of my world. I’ve always submitted photos however personal with the hopes that a tiny element in them might appeal to viewers other than myself, might resonate with their own experience and emotions and I offer you this portrait of my J with the same hope.
Life is over before you know it: a damp trail in the North, a bit of light through the mist, a shout to my J that turned to smile at me, an instant , a treasure, it’ll never happen again just like that…Yes a photo I really care about .


  1. Happy New Year and welcome back! Funny you mentioned Jacques Henri-Lartigue – I just learned about him while reading a book on Lucian Freud (“no one else could photograph pleasure like Jacques Henri-Lartigue could”). Thank you for sharing moments that matter to you : )

    • I was complaining out loud on the blog that I wasn’t J-H L (I had to work to make a living and self finance my photography ) when in a more balanced state of mind I realised that our lives weren’t so far removed compared to that of the majority of human beings ( enjoying relative security, wealth and leisure ), that in essence I was a sort of J-H L of my own world. His sensual portraits of Renée are amongst my favourite portraits as are those enchantingly intimate photos of his wife Bibi on their honeymoon.

  2. When I was a kid, my mother moved our family from a major city in Southern Ontario to a small town in north central British Columbia. I fell in love with the wilderness immediately. I went on nature walks and hikes through farm field and forests from a very early age. Just exploring the land. These were great adventures to me.

    Now I’m back in that same big city, and once in a while I get to go and trek the trails that are around. I still however like to reminisce about those childhood wanderings that fuelled my imagination and lifted my spirit.

    That’s what your picture does for me personally.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that with me and those who wander now and then on this blog. There is much debate about what ‘fine art’ art photography is or isn’t and whether there is any point in continuing to produce and share this type of photo. I have never bothered to make any statements about my intentions other than to say that I strive to capture those fleeting moments that make up a life. I am so pleased that this image evoked such important times in your life; it makes this blog worth all my efforts and is in my view the highest form of recognition that I could have ever dreamed of receiving so I cant thank you enough for getting in touch.
      Although French I grew up in North America: two years in NY State in the country and five in Erie PA: we had two trips to Canada that left a deep impression on me. I then spent most of my adult life in Paris that I love just as much as wilder landscapes that attract me so much . I now live in beautiful Northumberland in the UK where I enjoy the best if both worlds. My love for Northumberland was immediate and I have no doubt was/is linked to my youth in North America and my incursions into Canada .
      Thank you so much again for sharing this . Kind Regards Christophe

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