Ten to Seven : Another moment in time

Ten to Seven : Another moment in time

Cheerleaders in Dorset, I like a well structured busy street photo where many things are going on. I have made a tighter crop version but in the end this one says more.


  1. Agree, especially with the mother and daughter in the foreground

    • Angelina, thanks so much for your comment, yes I couldn’t agree more on how the interaction of the mother and daughter is central, in my view, to this image. A large print brings it even more to life than this screen shot. thanks so much for taking the time..

      • You’re most welcome. I’m constantly amazed at how many details there are to be discovered (that I didn’t notice when I took the photos) whenever I edit my photos.

      • Yes , I think that is one of the drawbacks of digital photography..the slower film process naturally fostered looking very intensely at contact prints and then enlargements when working with 35mm and roll film cameras.

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