Près de Mon Arbre Close to My Tree

Près de Mon Arbre     Close to my Tree

Berwick-up-Tweed, as I was walking by, digital capture


  1. Wonderful landscape!

  2. Wow ~ what an interesting tree! Nice contrasty shot.

    • Thanks Mike, yes a special tree indeed. I strayed from my usual conservative approach to tone and went for something a bit more contrasty. it prints rather nicely. Speaking of printing, do you print yours ? Am enjoying your work.

      • Thanks for the additional information, Christophe! I love to print my images and have only just begun doing so. Printing really gives an entirely different look to a photo, don’t you agree!? It’s nice to read that you’re also doing some prints as many photographers don’t bother these days.

      • Couldn’t agree more! Delighted to hear you print too. For me the true test for a photo is if it prints.. or not. I only post photos that I’m confident will print. But then I started out many years ago when printing was the only option. I print digitally now. Can’t say I miss the darkroom …but don’t tell anyone I said so 😉

  3. Looks almost infrared. Beautiful photo!!

    • Thanks Charles,
      yes there is something about the tones of the very fresh green leaves translated into grey…On a personal note I shy away from infrared photography that can produce no doubt beautiful images but that leave me a bit cold because too gimmicky and removed from the world around me as I perceive at least. I state this to clarify my approach and mean no offense to anyone who uses infrared , real or simulated, photography. I feel likewise with HDR. I tend to stick to a fairly classic palette of grayscale .Hope you are keeping well.take care Christophe

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