Hostile Liverpool


My first ramble a few years back with a decent DSLR . I’d move to the UK taking with me a hundred books, a few  bits and bobs I couldn’t part with, some clothes, hiking gear,a few tools, a few prints,my butsudan, my negatives and my complete darkroom kit including a 2 meter sink and heat press  and assorted cameras old and new. I never used my analogue kit again and for years went without taking photos. By selling it off and with the financial support of my love, I was able to raise enough cash to get a D200 with a kit lense and very small memory card. My son wanted to meet a friend in Liverpool where we were to enjoy the sunniest day we’d ever experienced in the UK.
I picked up the hostility of the driver and thought it would bring life to an otherwise fairly bland frame. Of course there’s loads of lovely people in Liverpool and how not to love their unique accent!
I hadn’t a clue about digital work flow and captured in jpeg  .My laptop was so slow you could read War and Peace between clicks…and let’s not even talk about its screen.
Proficiency and kit wise I’m in a much better place today…but photographically? Just feel fortunate to be able to pursue this craft. .

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