Place de la Nation 7 :Manif Mai 2002 Revisitée / Demonstration May 2002 revisited

See Place de la Nation 1 for explanation and take time to look at all these beautiful faces. Thank you. Merci



  1. Hope all is well with you Christophe? Thank you for your constant support

    • Hi John, it is me who thanks you for your work ! We desperately need work like yours to get out there to get beyond prejudices and simplistic views.

      Am taking a day off a week this year to dedicate more time to photography ( all aspects). To be honest, I am feeling more and more compelled to get beyond making pictures for myself or my commercial clients. Everything is a bit up in the air for me . How are you fairing ? Just clocked your FB page. Great stuff….I hope you’re getting enough work . Any -modest- thing I can do ? (I’m hoping to come to Istanbul one day ) . Take great care and keep it coming !

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