When architectural and street photography meet: Elena and a Passer By. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne September 12 2014

Was out and about in Newcastle today working on fairly standard architectural photography views with heavy and slow kit ( tripod , D800 , 24 mm PC lens). I was setting up a shot ( the wall and the reflection in the building’s window had caught my eye ) when this lovely young lady, Elena, if I caught her name right, offered to go around me and said “I hate it when people pass in front of my shots” to which I replied that I sometimes liked it when people became part of a photograph. We had a lovely brief chat about her own photographic pursuits and she accepted to pose against the wall. I  didn’t have a card (unprofessional I know ) so she wrote my long and complicated name on her hand. I hope she finds this blog and is happy with the photo. And of course I wish her the best for all her projects . The photograph is stitched from two frames . As for the second photograph, also stitched, it was taken by the Library. In  a way, although in colour, both these photos  are akin to  the La Piscine rue David d’Angers and to Près de la Gare du Nord captured on film around twenty years ago in Paris.The resolution of the D800 with that particular lens of two images stitched is an invitation to print these big.




A Passer By

Where do you live ? Où habitez-vous ?

In aging industrial countries, the divide between social classes is hazier than it was in the past but where you live continues to define your class. A few samples of housing, photos captured during a short stroll in Alnwick this morning.

Father Père Dad Papa



May 2014 South Of France

Pensif au néon

Pensif au néon

Paris, M , digital, fuji x100

J and Jacques Brel à Amsterdam

J and Jacques Brel à Amsterdam

Eté 2013 Amsterdam classic reflection in the store window image, fuji X100

Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

A real world photo : where it isn’t about making it pretty or ugly, where it’s just about making a viable photographic record.
Gosforth, a suburb of Newcastle UK

Perfect Little Worlds

All pictures were captured in a few feet and a few minutes to each other on a lovely sunny day in Alnwick , Northumberland UK.  Looking at things in a new way under the influence I suppose of …you know who you are.

The -almost-Naked Truth: Wooler Boys Calendar Shoot

My first commission of sorts a few years ago in beautiful Northumberland. Three of my favourites from the calendar:  men baring all to raise money for the local air ambulance…

Une fois n’est pas coutume: moi / me

Une fois n'est pas coutume: moi / me

Northumberland field , summer , with a -powerful-ring flash. I can look like this…

Northumberland: cows, gate and clouds June 2013

Northumberland: cows, gate and clouds  June 2013

in the mood for colour

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