Another little road in Northumberland

Another little road in Northumberland

D800 35mm a bit fuzzy but i like it


Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Sculpture Moderne ! Mid 80s I think. Analogue.
Came across this again in January 2009.

Moon Over Skye

Moon Over Skye

Needs to be a fair size and is a good test for my digital printing skills

Tuileries, Souriez , Smile

Tuileries, Souriez , Smile

Temporary exhibit captured in a formal style .Really enjoyed stumbling upon this work. thank you bird for posing so nicely on the classic statue’s head

Digital manipulation cheating ?

Just read on a blog that digital manipulation was cheating. It’s a one of these statements passed for a profound truth that crops all the time in the analogue versus digital debate. The fact that it still crops up does surprise me as  I feel this debate is well past its sell by date. Nevertheless, since it is a preoccupation, the following is my view.

 Photography either analogue or digital is all about manipulation. Choosing subject, angle,time of the day, to add or remove light  , shutter speed, f stop lenses,filters, film, processing,enlarging and types of enlarging lights,type of paper along with cropping, burning, dodging , toning and spotting are all manipulations that have to be carried out for an analogue photography to exist. A similar list could be made for digital.

In essence, a photograph is nothing but the result of a series of manipulations and this has always been the case since its invention. The techniques of manipulation have continuously evolved; to uphold that most recent options are cheats compared to past ones is to make a statement that doesn’t bear scrutiny. 

Photography has never told the truth, at best it tells someone’s truth.

  Christophe Chevaugeon




Trees at Dusk Northumberland

Trees at Dusk Northumberland 3

Newcastle Millenium Bridge With Seagull

Newcastle Millenium Bridge With Seagull

D800 24mm PC lens hand held. March 2013. Waiting to meet couple for a pre-wedding photo session at the Baltic. Edited with LR and Silver Efex Pro 2

Kielder Forest and Lake

Kielder Forest and Lake

D700 April 2011

Aujourd’hui photos on the blog

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