Watch Tv and Behave Regarde la Télévision et Sois Sage

Brick houses and satellites dishes Alnwick UK

Alnwick, Northumberland, UK

Some thoughts on this photo here

Quelques pensées sur cette photo ici.

La Danse The Dance Alnwick

Another edit of this photo taken in Alnwick during the Music festival a few years ago : if I remember it was the second time I was using the little fuji x100 .


Where do you live ? Où habitez-vous ?

In aging industrial countries, the divide between social classes is hazier than it was in the past but where you live continues to define your class. A few samples of housing, photos captured during a short stroll in Alnwick this morning.

Perfect Little Worlds : houses

Perfect Little Worlds

All pictures were captured in a few feet and a few minutes to each other on a lovely sunny day in Alnwick , Northumberland UK.  Looking at things in a new way under the influence I suppose of …you know who you are.

Two different shoes

chevaugeon come dance 1

Alnwick music festival, click on the photo to see the whole set

A feather in a hat

A feather in a hat

Alnwick Music Festival

Andrew Lobb Recording Alnwick

Andrew Lobb Recording Alnwick

Song writer , interpretor , Andrew Lobb recording session. This is one of my favourites of Andrew.

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