W, a Boy in the Woods:a Portrait.

W, a Boy in the Woods:a Portrait.

France early 90s Mamiya C330 with Tri-X pan. likes to be printed big.

Imperial Fish 1990

Imperial Fish  1990

Imperial Palace, Tokyo 1990 Tri-X Pan scanned on Epson; not too impressed with the quality of the scans of 35mm film, looking forward to scanning them using a camera…more on that later

Petite Soeur Little Sister

Petite Soeur   Little Sister

taken by window light in Montpellier ( France ), Mamiya twin lens, Tri-X Pan, scanned negative

Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Sculpture Moderne ! Mid 80s I think. Analogue.
Came across this again in January 2009.

Got it ! Next ride is free !

Got it ! Next ride is free  !

Always makes me think of The Catcher in the Rye .Jardins du Luxembourg 2002, analogue.

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