Brussels Bruxelles La Grand Place

A post card of sorts…Brussels_La_Grand_Place_DSC3530

Brussels, I love a busy street corner

Brussels,  I love a busy street corner


It was a hot day, people in their separate worlds, hustle and bustle , and the feeling is good.

Brussels La Grand-Place

black and white urban photography of Brussels by Christophe Chevaugeon frogfoto


When I visit somewhere, of course I see the sights but never waste time trying to capture postcard views. Here I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this event that I hadn’t a clue about. I found  the characters in the car a bit frightening if I am honest but as it was a very public event I felt entitled to capture a different view of La Grand-Place event though it meant getting up close and personal with a very large size camera.


While I am at it , please check out  Sander de Wilde’s work at Dutch photographer based in Brussels : explore his excellent personal work; lots to see and be moved by. I know I am.

Brussels Skate Boarder: Zero



Street photography, sometimes it is simply the beauty of someone passing by you, the mood, the colours bouncing off each other, sun and shadows, buildings… There’s something about Brussels that I find refreshingly vibrant although I’ve only passed through it a couple of times.

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