Where do you live ? Où habitez-vous ?

In aging industrial countries, the divide between social classes is hazier than it was in the past but where you live continues to define your class. A few samples of housing, photos captured during a short stroll in Alnwick this morning.

Ma Samaritaine à moi

Ma Samaritaine à moi

J Devant la Samaritaine à Paris

A different approach to portraiture…at least for me

Real World: Port of Blyth, Northumberland UK.

Real World: Port of Blyth, Northumberland UK.

Another real world photograph, neither pretty nor ugly, just a viable photographic record. D800 PC 24mm two shots stitched in PS. Rich in detail in a large print.

Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

A real world photo : where it isn’t about making it pretty or ugly, where it’s just about making a viable photographic record.
Gosforth, a suburb of Newcastle UK

Une fois n’est pas coutume: moi / me

Une fois n'est pas coutume: moi / me

Northumberland field , summer , with a -powerful-ring flash. I can look like this…

I miss you

I miss you

Bercy , Paris

Les Tuileries, a temporary art exhibition

Les Tuileries, a temporary art exhibition

What’s this ?

Pique-Nique aux Tuileries , Paris 2010 .Un peu de couleurs.

Pique-Nique aux Tuileries , Pais 2010 .Un peu de couleurs.

D700 août 2010 je crois ?

Demonstration La Manif Paris 2002

J’y étais    I was there





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