You see what you’re looking for: Around Glencoe and Skye.

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I recently went on a road trip to Skye via Glencoe. I had two very different cameras : a bulky high res Nikon D800 DSLR with a tilt and shift lens on a stand and the fuji X-Pro. I’ve never particluarly sought to produce either pretty or ugly images, if I am moved by what’s in front of me then I’ll aim to capture it and translate it as best I can, beautiful or ugly or plain for that matter. I always hope to capture something beyong decorativeness.It was strange stumbling across the portrait of the little girl left at the foot of a tree and stranger still encountering that dead deer ( don’t look if you don’t want to see it) on the edge of the road amongst some rubbish. Can you see the flock of birds flying away from the cemetery ?



skye coast




Another little road in Northumberland

Another little road in Northumberland

D800 35mm a bit fuzzy but i like it

Bridges Newcastle

Bridges Newcastle

On the Swing Bridge, D800 24 mm PS lens, LR and Silver Efex

Morpeth St-James’ Church this morning

Morpeth St-James' Church this morning

Real time post ! this morning D800 24mm PC lens, two frames stitched, edited LR PS and Silver Efex

Newcastle Millenium Bridge With Seagull

Newcastle Millenium Bridge With Seagull

D800 24mm PC lens hand held. March 2013. Waiting to meet couple for a pre-wedding photo session at the Baltic. Edited with LR and Silver Efex Pro 2

Today Aujourd’hui Wind Turbines near Newbiggin Northumberland

Today Aujourd'hui  Wind Turbines near Newbiggin Northumberland

Experimenting with D800 and 24mm Perspective correction lens ( see the effect ). Looks like downscaling these massive files to make them look good on the web is something I am going to have to get better at!

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