Farms,wind turbines, sheep and big sky : a landscape. Fermes,turbines à vent, moutons et grand ciel:un paysage.

Hard to keep life in this very downsized for web version. Difficile de faire vivre  cette image dans cette version reduite pour la toile.

black and white photograph of a Northumberland UK landscape:two farms and wind turbines and sheep against a moody sky.

Northumberland UK  D800 and 35mm Black and white photographic documentary landscape. Photographie noir et blanc documentaire d’un paysage.

C’est la dernière image que j’ai éditée cette année,aujourdhui pour être précis, le signe d’un tournant vers une approche plus documentaire. Merci d’avoir interagi avec moi tout au long de l’année et vous souhaitant une année 2015 qui fasse sens. Et merci beaucoup de continuer à partager votre travail !

Last image that I’ve edited this year,today to be precise,a sign of a turning point towards a more documentary approach.Thanks for interacting with me throughout the year and wishing you a meaningful 2015. And thank you very much for continuing to share your work !

Where do you live ? Où habitez-vous ?

In aging industrial countries, the divide between social classes is hazier than it was in the past but where you live continues to define your class. A few samples of housing, photos captured during a short stroll in Alnwick this morning.

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 2 Banter

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 2 Banter

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 1 Work

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 1 Work

Real World: Port of Blyth, Northumberland UK.

Real World: Port of Blyth, Northumberland UK.

Another real world photograph, neither pretty nor ugly, just a viable photographic record. D800 PC 24mm two shots stitched in PS. Rich in detail in a large print.

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