Where do you live ? Où habitez-vous ?

In aging industrial countries, the divide between social classes is hazier than it was in the past but where you live continues to define your class. A few samples of housing, photos captured during a short stroll in Alnwick this morning.

Ten to Seven : Another moment in time

Ten to Seven : Another moment in time

Cheerleaders in Dorset, I like a well structured busy street photo where many things are going on. I have made a tighter crop version but in the end this one says more.

My J around Malham Cove an eternity ago

My J  around Malham Cove an eternity ago

Walking back from a stroll around Malham Cove.

I’d forgotten the aim of this blog: to share photos that matter to me and offer now and again a word about photography and photographers; I was so busy thinking about where to go next with (my ) photography that I couldn’t bring myself to post.
Yes, I am for the first time in my life thinking of going beyond being a little Jacques Henri-Lartigue photographer of my world. I’ve always submitted photos however personal with the hopes that a tiny element in them might appeal to viewers other than myself, might resonate with their own experience and emotions and I offer you this portrait of my J with the same hope.
Life is over before you know it: a damp trail in the North, a bit of light through the mist, a shout to my J that turned to smile at me, an instant , a treasure, it’ll never happen again just like that…Yes a photo I really care about .

Pensif au néon

Pensif au néon

Paris, M , digital, fuji x100

Paris 3 Sisters Friends Soeurs Amies ?

Paris 3 Sisters Friends Soeurs Amies ?

Jardin du Luxembourg Paris 2013

J and Jacques Brel à Amsterdam

J and Jacques Brel à Amsterdam

Eté 2013 Amsterdam classic reflection in the store window image, fuji X100

Au Paradis d’un après-midi tranquille ,deux M que j’aime.

Au Paradis d'un après-midi tranquille ,deux M que j'aime.

My dear friend Michel and my beloved son Max , rue de Paradis , Paris this summer. Avec tendresse et amour.

Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

Real World :A Tidy Back Alley

A real world photo : where it isn’t about making it pretty or ugly, where it’s just about making a viable photographic record.
Gosforth, a suburb of Newcastle UK



Classic black and white with the fuji x100

A lazy day

A lazy day

Dorset a few years back fuji x100

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