Two different shoes

chevaugeon come dance 1

Alnwick music festival, click on the photo to see the whole set

A feather in a hat

A feather in a hat

Alnwick Music Festival

Lunch break for the horse and me

Lunch break for the horse and me

Port of Blyth , today. It isn’t rare to find horses grazing along the roads here.

Because People Matter

Because People Matter

Paris, foot bridge, near the Bibliothèque Nationale

6529 Metro Paris Doll on Edge

6529  Metro Paris Doll on Edge

I love the metro !

I miss you

I miss you

Bercy , Paris

Bibliothèque Nationale Entrée Ouest

Bibliothèque Nationale Entrée Ouest

Architectural photography on a shoe string. fuji x100 Photoshop

Tynemouth Beach and Seagull

Tynemouth Beach and Seagull

May 2013. Everything came together.

Leeds It’s a Wonderful World

Leeds It's a Wonderful World

I like the hand on the wheel, the street cleaner in the back, the signs of all sorts, there’s even the trail of a plane in the sky…

Leeds May 2012 fuji x100

Auto-Portrait in Paris

Auto-Portrait in Paris

Auto-portrait in Paris- summer 2012

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