Today Aujourd’hui: my mon village

Today Aujourd'hui: my mon village

Mon petit village. My little village. Hesitate to put it up because it wants to be big so as to play on the depth of field….
It is nice to be able to process an image so quickly…probably dangerous too.;generally speaking I try to live with my photos a bit before posting them.

Près de Mon Arbre Close to My Tree

Près de Mon Arbre     Close to my Tree

Berwick-up-Tweed, as I was walking by, digital capture

Northumberland : A Hill

Northumberland : A Hill

I’ve always loved the movement in this photo. I long to go back there on my little scooter on a warm ( by Northumberland standards ) spring day.

Digital capture



On the road home from Skye. Sur la route du retour de Skye.

Taken in 2010, edited and printed today on epson 3880 on Harman Glossy A2.
Prise en 2010 , editée et imprimée ce jour sur epson 3880 sur Harman Brillant A2

A fairly classic black and white landscape, I hope it’s not too “Ikea” if you get my meaning.
Un paysage noir et blanc assez classique. J’espère qu’il n’est pas trop dans le style “Ikéa” si vous me comprenez.

Everything I like ( In a landscape ) but does it survive the web ?

Everything I like ( In a landscape ) but does it survive the web ?

Simonside, Rothbury, Northumberland UK. Taken yesterday. edited this morning.

I like a landscape that isn’t sanitised. Subtle deep shadows, the little ray of light that broke through…looks good to me as a print, not sure it survives downsizing for the web:dark tones are muddled and a certain all around crispness is lost d.Hope some of you enjoy it nonetheless. It appears truer to my intentions on my tumblr site at see it here

Rocks and Sand

Rocks and Sand

Northumberland Coast, fuji x100

Cimitière et Rivère:que mangent les poissons ? 2010 France

Cimitière et Rivère:que mangent les poissons ? 2010 FRance

Cemetery and River, what are the fish eating ? River Sis, south of France. Digital. D200. One of the first digital images that convinced me that digital could produce a similar facture than analogue.
Nice print in a fairly big size.

Down by the River

Down by the River

Gorges Du Tarn France Summer 2013

Another little road in Northumberland

Another little road in Northumberland

D800 35mm a bit fuzzy but i like it

A light house

A light house


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