Today Aujourd’hui: my mon village

Today Aujourd'hui: my mon village

Mon petit village. My little village. Hesitate to put it up because it wants to be big so as to play on the depth of field….
It is nice to be able to process an image so quickly…probably dangerous too.;generally speaking I try to live with my photos a bit before posting them.

Northumberland : A Hill

Northumberland : A Hill

I’ve always loved the movement in this photo. I long to go back there on my little scooter on a warm ( by Northumberland standards ) spring day.

Digital capture

Rocks and Sand

Rocks and Sand

Northumberland Coast, fuji x100

Down by the River Coquet

Down by the River Coquet

Felton, fuji x100, street photography if you will

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 2 Banter

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 2 Banter

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 1 Work

Northumberland Sheep Shed Time Lapse 1 Work

Perfect Little Worlds : houses

Perfect Little Worlds

All pictures were captured in a few feet and a few minutes to each other on a lovely sunny day in Alnwick , Northumberland UK.  Looking at things in a new way under the influence I suppose of …you know who you are.

The -almost-Naked Truth: Wooler Boys Calendar Shoot

My first commission of sorts a few years ago in beautiful Northumberland. Three of my favourites from the calendar:  men baring all to raise money for the local air ambulance…

Another little road in Northumberland

Another little road in Northumberland

D800 35mm a bit fuzzy but i like it

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