I am ( also ) a Wedding Photographer

Oh and yes, I am ( also ) a Wedding Photographer

Rachel and Matthew:no way you could get those two to be anything else than contemporary in their approach to wedding photography.
Yes I am the little grenouille photographer of frogfoto.com


Northumberland: cows, gate and clouds June 2013

Northumberland: cows, gate and clouds  June 2013

in the mood for colour

Anything but a desert: Northumberland.

Anything but a desert: Northumberland.

How not to think of those famous straight roads stretching into the desert …This is what I love about Northumberland, the feeling of space,the big skies, the lovingly farmed land, the little roads. Colour is starting to grab my attention whereas for most of my photographic life it was a stepping stone to black and white.

Along the road Northumberland UK

Along the road Northumberland UK

Failing light, last day of May 2013. Colour on my mind. For years I only used black and white film: working in colour was an aspiration I rarely had and budget I couldn’t  afford. Digital has changed all that. I surprise myself looking more at colour …it’s a harmless enough picture but faithful to my attachment to “little landscapes” and yes those were the colours I saw.

A light house

A light house




From a boat tour around the Farnes…classic black and white

Lunch break for the horse and me

Lunch break for the horse and me

Port of Blyth , today. It isn’t rare to find horses grazing along the roads here.

Andrew Lobb Recording Alnwick

Andrew Lobb Recording Alnwick

Song writer , interpretor , Andrew Lobb recording session. This is one of my favourites of Andrew.

A church Une église real time post

A church  Une église   real time post

Felton church 28 february 2013

Home from school


A glorious day and it’s time to head home from school. FujiX100. 2012 I rarely produce colour.  Here they’re not true but I find they fit the bill.

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