Paris s’amuse /Paris has fun. Jardins des Tuileries . Fête Foraine /Funfair

It seems a long time ago since I took these pictures, and it was ! At least one was taken in the mid 1990s and the others in the early 2000s. All were captured on film . I scanned them a few months ago from the original 35 mm negatives .For as long as I remember, every summer this funfair sets up on the edge of the Jardins des Tuileries, across the Rue de Rivoli: I have fond memories of the place and love that time of the year :Paris, in August is particularly quiet and yet fun.




















I’ve been working on a book project to present my favourites personal photographs of Paris:these will definitively be there.

La Piscine rue David d’Angers et Près de La Gare du Nord : Paris un début de projet de livre/ Paris book project

A few months ago I started an ambitious project to put the photos of Paris that matter to me the most in to book form. I’ve almost finished phase one of the work:selecting and editing the photos, many of which where captured on film.

Phase two, the layout, is seriously underway. My options were either to place the photos in more or less chronological order or to link them somehow: I quickly opted for the link them somehow. Furthermore Bruno Chalifour, photographer and critique prompted me to think in terms of series as opposed to stand alone approach.

It’s been a fascintating journey that has revealed to me how much, and sometimes, how little, I ‘ve changed my approach to organising the elements of a photograph leaving aside all considerations of content, lighting and rendition of the black and white.

“La Piscine rue David d’Anger”s is one of my favourite personal photographs. Everything comes together: subject, key elements, light and tonal range. “Près de la Gare du Nord ” I only edited recently (it’s been sitting in my archives for years). It works for me too. Because my archives are not organised , I don’t have a clear idea of how far apart in time they were taken( I suspect not very far ) but no matter how different they are in terms of content, it struck me that they are linked and  need to be on opposing pages:  of course they share obvious features but most importantly in my view they work in similar ways to create a feeling of space and of time captured.


Piscine rue David d_Angers Chevaugeon-1-2

 Black and white street photography by Christophe Chevaugeon  taken at the Piscine rud David d’Angers in Paris probably around the mid 90s



Black and white street photography by Christophe chevaugeon taken Près de la Gare du Nord in Paris probably around the mid 90s too

Sacrilège ! Les Nymphéas en Noir et Blanc !

Sacrilège ! Les Nymphéas en Noir et Blanc !

Paris. This photo isn’t really about the Water Lilies is it ?

Waiting for the waiter: Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Waiting for the waiter: Musée d'Orsay, Paris

2010 I think ( can’t be bothered to check the file )

On the move. Paris au Nord de la Gare du Nord ou de l’Est ?

On the move. Paris au Nord de la Gare du Nord ou de l'Est ?

Tri-X Pan il y a bien longtemps…a long time ago

Ma Samaritaine à moi

Ma Samaritaine à moi

J Devant la Samaritaine à Paris

A different approach to portraiture…at least for me

Paris splash at the Tuileries

Paris splash at the Tuileries

My J and her J around 2003 Tri-X Pan , one of my last analogue photographs

Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

One of my last analogue photos taken around 2003 Tri-X Pan processed by me.

Paris almost abstract

Paris almost abstract

L’Ile de la Cité vu du Pont Neuf eté 2013

Paris 3 Sisters Friends Soeurs Amies ?

Paris 3 Sisters Friends Soeurs Amies ?

Jardin du Luxembourg Paris 2013

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