A Certain Class ? Une Certaine Classe ? What do you see? Que voyez-vous ?

A Certain Class ?     Une  Certaine Classe ?   What do you see?   Que voyez-vous ?

Where in absence of the knowledge of its context, a photo remains open to many interpretations. As usual though, the devil is in the detail.

Today Aujourd’hui E in her home in our village

Today Aujourd'hui     E in her home in our village

An “environmental portrait “, sounds a bit dry….love you E

Today Aujourd’hui: my mon village

Today Aujourd'hui: my mon village

Mon petit village. My little village. Hesitate to put it up because it wants to be big so as to play on the depth of field….
It is nice to be able to process an image so quickly…probably dangerous too.;generally speaking I try to live with my photos a bit before posting them.

Longhirst Hall The Speech Le Discours Father of the Bride Père de la Mariée

Lonhirst Hall, The Speech, Le Discours   Father of the Bride  Père de la Mariée

I enjoy taking on wedding photography commissions alongside my more personal work.

Usually speeches are given from tables and it is difficult to capture the interactions of all concerned, but this time, although the light was incredibly challenging, the stairs and pillars and lighting and disposition of the characters contributed to create something very theatrical. A lot of post production was needed to make it all hold together.
This has to be my favourite ever speech photo.

Sadly, the venue , Longhirst Hall, well known in Northumberland, closed abruptly this week-end leaving couples stranded in the worst way. I hope they will overcome this setback to go on to enjoy an even greater wedding day.

My dedicated wedding photography site is frogfoto.com

The kids and the umbrella flash

The kids and the umbrella flash

I’ve always loved this shot but it wasn’t to the liking of the parents…such is the life of the photographer. roll-film early 1990s

Mon Hirondelle ( à moi )

Mon Hirondelle ( à moi )

Paris, film around 2003



Years ago, roll-film and flash..

Newcastle, Lombard Street

Newcastle, Lombard Street

I love it when everything comes together..maybe it does for you too.



Just edited and printed this 36 by 54 cm on Harman FB Glossy on 3880. Frustratingly small on the blog. One of my rare landscape oriented images.

Sacrilège ! Les Nymphéas en Noir et Blanc !

Sacrilège ! Les Nymphéas en Noir et Blanc !

Paris. This photo isn’t really about the Water Lilies is it ?

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