At Sea En Mer

black and white photograph of people on the deck of a ferryFerry crossing to Amsterdam from the UK. Traversée en ferry pour Amsterdam depuis le RU. Digital. Numérique. 2012

Ok, I rarely go for a reduced tonal range but here I felt it fitted for this photo. On the other hand, I felt that the flagpole image needed something more subtle. D’accord, je vais rarement pour un éventail réduit de tons mais ici j’ai pensé que cela convenait à cette photo. en revanche, il m’a semblé que l’image du mat pour drapeau avait besoin d’un traitement plus nuancé.

black and white photograph of a flagpole on a ferry

As for the next two images of a father and daughter, a classic treatment seemed best suited. Et quant aux deux images suivantes, un traitement classique m’a paru le plus approprié.

black and white photograph of a father and daughter on a ferry

black and white gif of photographs of a father and daughter on a ferry

black and white photograph of a father and daughter on a ferry

I enjoyed putting a gif together from the sequence of photos of this little magic moments. The last one is my favourite of the series. All these photos link back to my portfolio site, page “Here and There”.

J’ai aimé créer un gif à partir de la séquence de photos de ce petit moments magique…C’est la dernière que je préfère de cette séquence. Toutes ces photos contiennent un lien vers mon site, section “Here and There” (page “Ici et Là).

A portrait of J. France 2014

A portrait doesn’t have to be up close and personal to be personal: love you J.


Mon Hirondelle ( à moi )

Mon Hirondelle ( à moi )

Paris, film around 2003

Sacrilège ! Les Nymphéas en Noir et Blanc !

Sacrilège ! Les Nymphéas en Noir et Blanc !

Paris. This photo isn’t really about the Water Lilies is it ?

W, a Boy in the Woods:a Portrait.

W, a Boy in the Woods:a Portrait.

France early 90s Mamiya C330 with Tri-X pan. likes to be printed big.

As the train passes Tokyo 1990

Waiting for the train to pass

Tokyo , Spring 1990. Tri-X pan 35mm film.

It might not be obvious why this photo matters to me, and a screen shot of it might not allow you to see why it matters to me beyond the personal memento of a stroll in Tokyo. But the light,the reduced palette of greys, the slight blur of the train moving past,the dynamic framing, the bicycle resting against the wall, the plainness of the neighbourhood, that greasy city dust that clings to walls, the absence of a soul in sight all form one of those little urban landscapes that move me and bring me a deep sense of feeling perfectly at home and cosy in the moment.



On the road home from Skye. Sur la route du retour de Skye.

Taken in 2010, edited and printed today on epson 3880 on Harman Glossy A2.
Prise en 2010 , editée et imprimée ce jour sur epson 3880 sur Harman Brillant A2

A fairly classic black and white landscape, I hope it’s not too “Ikea” if you get my meaning.
Un paysage noir et blanc assez classique. J’espère qu’il n’est pas trop dans le style “Ikéa” si vous me comprenez.

Ten to Seven : Another moment in time

Ten to Seven : Another moment in time

Cheerleaders in Dorset, I like a well structured busy street photo where many things are going on. I have made a tighter crop version but in the end this one says more.

My J around Malham Cove an eternity ago

My J  around Malham Cove an eternity ago

Walking back from a stroll around Malham Cove.

I’d forgotten the aim of this blog: to share photos that matter to me and offer now and again a word about photography and photographers; I was so busy thinking about where to go next with (my ) photography that I couldn’t bring myself to post.
Yes, I am for the first time in my life thinking of going beyond being a little Jacques Henri-Lartigue photographer of my world. I’ve always submitted photos however personal with the hopes that a tiny element in them might appeal to viewers other than myself, might resonate with their own experience and emotions and I offer you this portrait of my J with the same hope.
Life is over before you know it: a damp trail in the North, a bit of light through the mist, a shout to my J that turned to smile at me, an instant , a treasure, it’ll never happen again just like that…Yes a photo I really care about .

A little road with trees Petite route avec arbres

A little road with trees        Petite route avec arbres

Northumberland Uk, digital/ numérique

F….screen shots, long live prints. Just printed this on A2 Harman gloss on an epson 3880 with archival inks:nothing beats a print. This one comes alive on a fair sized print

M …aux captures d’écrans, vivent les épreuves. Je viens juste de “tirer” cette image avec une espson 3880 sur Harman Gloss A2, rien ne vaut une épreuve. Cette image prend vie à un format assez grand

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