Radio City Liverpool: for all you scousers out there

Radio City Liverpool

A friendly gesture

A few years back on my first stroll with my first DSLR the D200

Paris splash at the Tuileries

Paris splash at the Tuileries

My J and her J around 2003 Tri-X Pan , one of my last analogue photographs

Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

One of my last analogue photos taken around 2003 Tri-X Pan processed by me.

Michel again :a different take, a different man ?

Michel again :a different take, a different man ?

see a few posts back a different portrait of Michel taken just minutes from this one….

Colin et le moulin à vent

Colin et le moulin à vent.

Summer été 2013 France fuji X100

Michel Portrait

Michel Portrait

Paris Eté Summer 2013

Down by the River

Down by the River

Gorges Du Tarn France Summer 2013

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