John Wredford Photographer Freelance editorial photographer that has spent the last ten years living in the Syrian capital Damascus. Currently in Istanbul Turkey.

In one of my previous posts I joked about not being Jacques-Henri Lartigue ,famous French photographer who lead a life of great leisure . He grew up at the same time that photography was growing up. As far as I know, money never was a problem for him .Looking at his wonderful portfolio he appears to have spent his life like very rich people do, travelling , enjoying the sites, sitting in the first rows of major sporting events and shows and so forth. In my post I was complaining about having to go out and make a living to be able to afford taking pictures after having stayed up most of the night to prepare some prints for a client.

How stupid  to say such a thing ! Compared to many of  my human brothers and sisters, I am, and many of us photographers are, all Jacques Henri Lartigues of sorts , going about our lives in the relative wealth ,peace and security that we enjoy in our respective countries, indulging in photography as a leisure because we have the time and money to do so.

Just back in the UK, after three weeks travels in my native  France, via Holland and Belgium, where I enjoyed life very much like Jacques-Henri did, just on a much smaller budget and took photos, just like he would have, of a world out mostly to enjoy itself, I couldn’t bring myself to post one of my little Lartigue’ moments…

Thankfully ,there are photographers who do something very different with photography, who are not content to be the Jacques-Henri Lartigues of their own little safe worlds and John Wredford is one of them.  He describes himself as “a photographer on the loose about the Middle East” .

In a time where many of us need to break away from superficial views about the Middle East in general and Syria in particular, his blog is vital …

Please visit, follow and share….

Up till now Jusqu’ici J’aime

Si bleu So blue Toulon France 2010

Si bleu So blue Toulon France 2010

My J , Durham UK

portrait J Durham UK

fuji x 100

From Blackpool Tower



fuji X 100 November 2012

I miss Paris in August / Paris au mois d’août me manque

I miss Paris in August / Paris au mois d'août me manque

Notre Dame , Paris , France, D700 ?

Mon Neveu My Nephew

Mon Neveu  My Nephew

Toulon Summer 2012

Tokyo a Rainy Evening

Tokyo a Rainy Evening

Tokyo 1990 Kodak Slide Film

I’ve always loved this photo that has a feeling of being taken on a movie set. Very slow slide film, barely got away with this hand held shot. pleased I’d brought some colour film on this very personal trip.

Batman on a bicycle / Batman à bicyclette


Roll Film  Tri-X Pan Mamiya Paris mid 90s ?

Hiver Winter



Northumberland UK, road to Wooler, D700

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