A portrait of J. France 2014

A portrait doesn’t have to be up close and personal to be personal: love you J.


Today Aujourd’hui E in her home in our village

Today Aujourd'hui     E in her home in our village

An “environmental portrait “, sounds a bit dry….love you E

The kids and the umbrella flash

The kids and the umbrella flash

I’ve always loved this shot but it wasn’t to the liking of the parents…such is the life of the photographer. roll-film early 1990s

Mon Hirondelle ( à moi )

Mon Hirondelle ( à moi )

Paris, film around 2003



Years ago, roll-film and flash..

M classic portrait

M classic portrait

France mid 90s, rollfilm

W, a Boy in the Woods:a Portrait.

W, a Boy in the Woods:a Portrait.

France early 90s Mamiya C330 with Tri-X pan. likes to be printed big.

My J around Malham Cove an eternity ago

My J  around Malham Cove an eternity ago

Walking back from a stroll around Malham Cove.

I’d forgotten the aim of this blog: to share photos that matter to me and offer now and again a word about photography and photographers; I was so busy thinking about where to go next with (my ) photography that I couldn’t bring myself to post.
Yes, I am for the first time in my life thinking of going beyond being a little Jacques Henri-Lartigue photographer of my world. I’ve always submitted photos however personal with the hopes that a tiny element in them might appeal to viewers other than myself, might resonate with their own experience and emotions and I offer you this portrait of my J with the same hope.
Life is over before you know it: a damp trail in the North, a bit of light through the mist, a shout to my J that turned to smile at me, an instant , a treasure, it’ll never happen again just like that…Yes a photo I really care about .

Bro Frangin

Bro   Frangin

From the Campbiel with the Mont Perdu in the background: I treasure both of those rambles with you.

Pyrénées, France

Film, tri-X pan early eighties

Pensif au néon

Pensif au néon

Paris, M , digital, fuji x100

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