A portrait of J. France 2014

A portrait doesn’t have to be up close and personal to be personal: love you J.


Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

One of my last analogue photos taken around 2003 Tri-X Pan processed by me.

Brussels La Grand-Place

black and white urban photography of Brussels by Christophe Chevaugeon frogfoto


When I visit somewhere, of course I see the sights but never waste time trying to capture postcard views. Here I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this event that I hadn’t a clue about. I found  the characters in the car a bit frightening if I am honest but as it was a very public event I felt entitled to capture a different view of La Grand-Place event though it meant getting up close and personal with a very large size camera.


While I am at it , please check out  Sander de Wilde’s work at http://sanderdewilde.wordpress.com/. Dutch photographer based in Brussels : explore his excellent personal work; lots to see and be moved by. I know I am.

Auto-Portrait in Paris

Auto-Portrait in Paris

Auto-portrait in Paris- summer 2012

Pique-Nique aux Tuileries , Paris 2010 .Un peu de couleurs.

Pique-Nique aux Tuileries , Pais 2010 .Un peu de couleurs.

D700 août 2010 je crois ?

Man with a Hat, Blackpool UK, Summer 2011

Man with a Hat, Blackpool UK, Summer 2011

D700 , a bit over processed in my view, will tone it down and review it, but I like the feel.

Never enough books ! Jamais assez de livres !

Never enough books !  Jamais assez de livres !

Shakespeare and Co , Paris, France , Summer 2012 fuji x100

Mon Neveu My Nephew

Mon Neveu  My Nephew

Toulon Summer 2012

Home from school


A glorious day and it’s time to head home from school. FujiX100. 2012 I rarely produce colour.  Here they’re not true but I find they fit the bill.

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