Paris s’amuse /Paris has fun. Jardins des Tuileries . Fête Foraine /Funfair

It seems a long time ago since I took these pictures, and it was ! At least one was taken in the mid 1990s and the others in the early 2000s. All were captured on film . I scanned them a few months ago from the original 35 mm negatives .For as long as I remember, every summer this funfair sets up on the edge of the Jardins des Tuileries, across the Rue de Rivoli: I have fond memories of the place and love that time of the year :Paris, in August is particularly quiet and yet fun.




















I’ve been working on a book project to present my favourites personal photographs of Paris:these will definitively be there.

Paris splash at the Tuileries

Paris splash at the Tuileries

My J and her J around 2003 Tri-X Pan , one of my last analogue photographs

Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

Paris Tuileries Fun Rides

One of my last analogue photos taken around 2003 Tri-X Pan processed by me.

Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Sculpture Moderne ! Mid 80s I think. Analogue.
Came across this again in January 2009.

Tuileries, Souriez , Smile

Tuileries, Souriez , Smile

Temporary exhibit captured in a formal style .Really enjoyed stumbling upon this work. thank you bird for posing so nicely on the classic statue’s head

Les Tuileries, a temporary art exhibition

Les Tuileries, a temporary art exhibition

What’s this ?

Pique-Nique aux Tuileries , Paris 2010 .Un peu de couleurs.

Pique-Nique aux Tuileries , Pais 2010 .Un peu de couleurs.

D700 août 2010 je crois ?

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