Dear Followers and followed : I can’t cope with meeting like this any more, something’s got to give !

Dear Followers and followed : I can’t cope with meeting like this any more, something’s got to give !

To all of you followers and followed alike, I must say a big thanks for the lovely journey I’ve had with this wordpress blog .It has allowed me to discover other bloggers ( mainly photographers…it is my thing ), their work, to learn from them and exchange kind words and to grow in my understanding of my own photography. What more could you want ?

The truth is that since I established a new portfolio site for my personal work with its own blog a while back  along with my new site for my wedding and portrait work , I just can’t manage to maintain all of these :something has got to give . So I’ll no longer be posting here to focus on the new site which also makes all the more sense that I’m in danger of irritating the gods of Google by having similar content on two sites (  and google lightning is always nasty  ).

So in a nutshell….In the future I’ll be posting only at my newer blog at If you like….you can subscribe to it . I’d be delighted if you did.

Some photographic blogs that really struck a cord with me:

Verve Photo


GMB Akash

John Wreford Photographer ( one of my better deeds in life will have been to recommend the BBC to look up John…and they did ! : the power of little folk hey ! )

Belinda Claushuis

Iconic Photos

the future is papier mâché


And also the well travelled Ron Scubadiver freelance journalist and Angelina Hue ( travel, books, food and more ) with both very different takes on places they visit.

Without forgetting artist of many talents Charles St-Clair and the sensitive posts about esteemed thinkers by Nanette at and just plain kind people like Harbin77  (who leads a life based on his very strong faith and whose son Jeffery Harbin is an excellent photographer).

I’ve enjoyed browsing through many more, so many that I couldn’t possibly post them all….

I thought it fitting to post again the first photo to appear on this blog in February 2013, maybe not easy on the eye or making much sense to anyone: simply the shadows of a branch and leaves on a concrete wall somewhere in Tokyo in April 1990, taken almost 25 years ago. It isn’t a crowd pleaser of a photograph that’s for sure but it kind of sums me up. And If I were only allowed to keep a few photographs, this would have to be in the lot along with portraits of loved ones.

Although in a very urban setting, it brought to mind this poem …


What is Life ? It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time.
It is the little shadow which runs across the grass
and loses itself in the Sunset.”
-Crowfoot….April 1890, on his deathbed


Take care each and everyone of you…thanks for your interest and for sharing your content…I hope we will keep in touch and supporting each other here or elsewhere.

Kind Regards



  1. Sad to see you go (but glad you’re still out there), Christophe. Thanks for the mention.

  2. thank you for your work and kind comments..;still be watching out for you thanks to google+ !

  3. Salut Christophe, I had been offline for 3+ weeks due to work and travel. So happened that I was trying to get back into the blogging momentum when I saw your post in my WP Reader. Sorry to see you go… here’s wishing you all the very best and am glad that our paths crossed 🙂 Thanks for the call out and for introducing other interesting photographers/bloggers! Angelina

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