Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Tuileries: Encore une surprise

Sculpture Moderne ! Mid 80s I think. Analogue.
Came across this again in January 2009.


  1. One of my favorite sculptors! Serra’s work never fails to amaze and perplex. And an interesting photo; one wonders where those fellows are going/where they have been.

    • Thank goodness for friends who know their stuff! Great to have the artist’s name. Many thanks. I have a little video taken in January 2009 and the work has a lovely reddish rust colour…it was laid out at the exit leading on to La place de la Concorde: two large curved plates of steel creating a funnel of sorts from one space to another but set in such a way that you could as well experience it by going around it.I was admiring the curves when the three men caught my eye, revealing the work’s scale and , in my view , complementing nicely its strangeness. I remember naively thinking at first that it was material for construction work and then understanding that it was a sculpture ! For the grimacing faces on previous posts, not a clue as to the author. I do miss ‘my ‘ Paris but not as much as my loved ones that live there.

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