On the road home from Skye. Sur la route du retour de Skye.

Taken in 2010, edited and printed today on epson 3880 on Harman Glossy A2.
Prise en 2010 , editée et imprimée ce jour sur epson 3880 sur Harman Brillant A2

A fairly classic black and white landscape, I hope it’s not too “Ikea” if you get my meaning.
Un paysage noir et blanc assez classique. J’espère qu’il n’est pas trop dans le style “Ikéa” si vous me comprenez.


  1. I’m familiar with Ikea and the company’s ethos about style and functionality but I’m not exactly sure if I get your meaning. Ordinarily I’d keep my questions to myself as of course there is such a thing as a “stupid question” and I’m not the brightest bulb out of the box but I’m curious here as it applies to a landscape scenic like this one. Could you explain what you mean? I discovered your blog this afternoon, I’ve enjoyed the thoughtful, personal commentary on several of your entries…..

    • Hi Jason really thanks for asking. I was being a bit self deprecating. Ikea I was hinting at images that they sell ready framed cheap as chips that in my view are slightly too sanitised and picture perfect if that makes sense. I usually chase after something a little different hard to pin point in words ..chasing mind isn’t catching! On a more personal note I must get some sleep now but an looking forward to taking a stroll through your blog. All the best Christophe

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